Save energy & money



Health and comfort cannot be expressed in Euros or Pounds but have a very high value.

Faulty insulated walls, windows and floors radiate could which is not only unpleasant but also on the long run highly unhealthy.
Humidity causes mildew that is not only ugly but causes dangerous diseases!
Look forward to a pleasant home where comfort saves money.

If properly planned and implemented saving energy means increased comfort and wellness.

Watching the clock while taking a shower is no fun – a long term investment is a proper planed solar system makes showering a nice experience.




The more energy you consume on heating and electric appliances, the more you are dependent on the energy suppliers and rising costs.

A house is normally planned for 50 or more years – thus the energy balance has to be made for that period of time.

Depending on the future price development the heating-costs can sum up easily to a few hundred thousand euros over the next 30 years!
A good insulation pays back in a few years but lasts many years. An Investment in energy consulting and energy saving is therefore a good investment for the future; either for you or for your children. This investment will also increase the value of your house or the rent you receive.

The more independence you have the more you are responsible for your own supply.
If there is a power failure in the public grid you just have to wait until t is back on. When your own private power supply fails it’s you who has to take action: at least you have to call and pay a maintenance service.
A responsible and serious consultation will make you aware of this.


Protection of the environment

The protection of our environment is the protection of our own fundamentals of life. Destroying our environment is a step by step suicide.
Protecting our environment is therefore no luxury but should be done for purely selfish reasons!
Once people really understood this they will change their way of life.



Even those who are not convinced that saving energy makes sense will be forced to do so by law. The laws and regulation on building energy standards are constantly becoming sharper.
For new buildings it is already an obligation to supply a part of the thermal energy from renewable sources.
Heating systems with a low efficiency and a high pollution have to be exchanged when the house is sold or rented. Normally the legal obligations are far below the technical possibilities that make economic sense.