Why advise?



The consulting is based on a university education in mechanical engineering in Germany specialised in renewable energy and environment technology.
The German engineer degree is fully acknowledged in Portugal.
Seminars in the Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany) and repeated invitations to the Portuguese universities of Coimbra, Faro and Abrantes as well as lectures on symposiums, environmental organizations and schools prove the competence of SEA.



Already in 1984 a solar thermal system for a private mobile home was developed and run successfully. Also since 1984 the mobile home has a PV power supply.
In 1992 PV powered radio controlled airplane was designed, build and flown 100% solar energy.
The private low-energy-house has a 100% solar and wind electric power supply.
The warm water supply is 100% solar and the space heating bases to 95% on solar-thermal energy. A solar sauna as well heats the building and dries the clothes.
Cooking is possible with a parabolic mirror.

SEA has some years of experience in the design of solar systems and calculation of heat demand of buildings.



An energy consulting by SEA contents the following services:

  • On-the-spot data recording of your building and your personal wishes and needs.
  • Executing a detailed report:
    • Calculation of energy losses of walls, windows, roof, floor and doors.
    • Calculation of costs for heating and cooling
    • Calculation of cost development for the next 30 years
    • Energetic analysis of the status quo
    • Suggestions for an energetic improvement
    • Calculation of energy losses and heating costs for the improved building
    • Calculation of the pay-back time for the suggested investment
    • Explanation of the right ventilation
    • Design of a solar-thermal system
    • Design of a PV system
  • Personal explanation of the report when handing it out.